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Frankie Mallon

Head Chef/Proprietor, An Port Mor, Westport, Co Mayo

We use the rump in our restaurant. We marinade it for 24 hours in Jane Harnett’s rapeseed oil and garlic and thyme. Then we roast it in the oven. The flavour of Achill Mountain Lamb is unlike anything else you can get out there. It’s that salt in the air and the freedom they have to graze. There’s an all-round depth of flavour and a lovely richness from the fat.


Niall Sabongi

Rock Lobster@ Harvey Nick’s

The most important thing about Achill Mountain Lamb for me is the husbandry. The Calvey family take such good care of their animals. There’s a real pride in what they do and the result is a superior product. The meat comes in to us in immaculate condition. We’re primarily a seafood restaurant but the fact that the lambs graze on the beach and munch on samphire means that there’s a real salty flavour almost like Welsh saltmarsh lamb. I could talk all day about how good it is.


Philippe Farineau

The Kitchen Restaurant at Mount Falcon, Ballina, Co. Mayo

I like this service because we can buy the whole carcass of the lamb. I change the menu every day in summer and twice a week in winter. This gives me the freedom to use every part of the animal and make sure the menu is fresh and exciting. I love pairing the lamb with local produce and the stuff we grow on the estate like our chocolate mint herb.


Stefan Matz

Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo

The fact that the lamb is a local product is hugely important, but also the fact that the Calvey family look after it right through the whole process from rearing to slaughtering to butchering. I’m convinced that that, along with the grazing pasture on the island, makes a real difference to the taste.


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