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Achill Mountain Lamb Carcass Hamper



The perfect gift to yourself or for someone special!
Our Annual Elite – Achill Island Hamper includes the full range of

fresh joints in a 15kg Carcass

*Achill Mountain Lamb; Legs, Fillets, Rumps, Loins, Shoulders, Necks, Shanks, Offal.
Butchered for you individually as per Instruction Sheet at Checkout Online

Bursting with ‘Heather Sweetened – Seaside Seasoned’ Flavours,
Succulent & Juicy, Hand Crafted & Christmas Packaged

Available To Send To Family & Friends anywhere on the island of Ireland

€195 + €20 Delivery For A Limited Time!

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For the 2 hind Legs:
The 2 fore legs are the Shoulders, do you want:
Neck and Breast:
Loin - cut into loin chops, how do you want the chops packed:
Offal - do you want to receive the offal (liver, heart and kidneys):
Where did you hear about us: