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Blitz Offer – Achill Mountain Lamb CARCASE x 2


298.00 258.00

Calvey’s Blitz Offer
Get free delivery to your door!
Buy 2 (24 kg) and get €40 off!
You will receive 2 x Achill Mountain Lamb Carcase butchered,
bagged, labelled & ready for you freezer with free shipping.

Heather-Sweetened, Seaside-Seasoned

From our hilltop to your tabletop & from our family to yours

  • Fully butchered
  • Packed and labelled
  • Ready for your deep freezer
  • Delivered to your door in a box
  • This product is NOT frozen

Product Description

Taste the flavour of the mountains and the sea shore, heather sweetened, seaside-seasoned! Is there anything nicer in the evening than coming in after a cold wet day and sitting down to enjoy a hearty, tasty casserole or stew? Made with Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb

Click here to learn more about Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb, how it is raised, the cuts, what you will receive in your order and much much more!