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Achill Mountain Lamb

Taste the flavour of the mountains and of the sea shore, Heather-Sweetened, Seaside-Seasoned

Achill Mountain Lamb is a delicacy and a finger-licking good one at that, with a strong feel of warm nostalgia. When you taste it, you will remember a time when food had real flavour. It is a good time to stock up the deep freezer so you are always ready to create delicious meals for your family for many months to come.

Achill Mountain Lamb is the gift of nature and is a genuine artisan meat product. It contains no additives, no colorants, no preservatives and is vaccination free. You also have the reassurance that at Calvey’s we have control of your lamb every step, from the hill top right to your table top. Calvey’s also source mountain lambs from the farming families on Achill Island, whose flocks also graze the free range mountain farm lands on Achill Island.

You can order and buy here on-line. Hopefully the following will answer all your questions, however, if you still have a query please contact Grainne she will answer any question you might have. To contact Grainne please Telephone 098 43158.

Achill Mountain Lamb carcase Can be split/crafted into Cooking method
Hind Quarters

2 lean legs of lamb, with light covering of fat for flavour



Can be boned and rolled or cut into strips/lamb steaks


Stir fry



Loins 24 chops/cutlets in full carcass

12 in a side (approximately)





Fore Quarters

2 Shoulders

Shoulder can be left whole

or split into approx. 10 Gigot chops (2 bags of 5) or crafted into Cubes/pieces/ strips






Breast, neck, shanks Cubes, pieces, strips Stews
Fresh liver and kidneys Sliced or left whole Frying



We send our Special Recipe Booklet to all our customers featuring easy to follow recipes from well known chefs using Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb.


We send our Special Recipe Booklet to all our customers featuring easy to follow recipes from well known chefs using Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb.

In this purchase you will receive one lamb carcass, butchered into component parts/joints. This offer is excellent value for money, the lamb is packed ready for your deep freeze, labelled and boxed and sent as fresh meat to you. When you receive the boxed lamb you can put the labelled packs into your freezer straight away. It is clearly labelled showing you what’s in each transparent bag.

It keeps in your freezer for a minimum of six months. Everything is done at Calvey’s on-farm abattoir butchers on Achill Island in the old fashioned artisan way.
When you order/buy Achill Mountain Lamb carcases please fill in the instructions sheet (at checkout) so that we can prepare the order tailor-made for you. You will receive your butchered and crafted Achill Mountain Lamb meat in a specially selected bio-degradeable insulated box to ensure freshness is not compromised on delivery. From our hill top to your table top, Achill Mountain Lamb, At Calvey’s we do it all!.

Question: When I order  Prepared Achill Mountain Lamb Carcass, what do I receive and how is it butchered?
You will receive 1 butchered and prepared lamb carcass with all the component parts/joints butchered to your requirements, portion packed in freezer bags, each bag being clearly labelled, including liver and kidneys.
The table above sets out clearly what is in one lamb carcass

Exquisite Artisan Lamb Meat crafted & produced by Calvey’s on-farm Abattoir Butchers since 1962 on Achill Island, Ireland. Our flocks feed on coastal heather hilltops and rocky seaweed shores and everything in between. Achill Lamb products are guaranteed succulent and juicy and bursting with the Island flavours. Heather sweetened and Seaside seasoned! For so many reasons Achill Mountain Lamb meat is the Gold Halo Lamb Meat. The Gift of Nature The Craft of Calvey’s.

When ordering please use the comments section for any special requests.
Alternatively you may collect your box of Lamb direct from our butchers in Keel, on Achill Island or nationwide delivery can be arranged. Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to preparing your order, and helping you to stock up your freezer ready for many family meal times and celebrations!

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