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AchilCraft Butchersl Mountain Lamb is bred, reared and butchered on the Calvey family farm off the west coast of Ireland.
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The farming family, Calveys are members of the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland. This means that you can be assured of a quality product, which has been properly treated and expertly prepared. It also means that you can request any cut you like from us. It’s a tailor-made service and we portion your lamb according to the needs of your family making it convenient for you to buy lamb online.

The superior quality & finish to all Calvey’s Carcases due to our 53 years expertise as Master Butchers we know when each lamb is just perfect. The veterinary inspector stamping carcases with our unique identifier. Achill LambTM products are exclusive and 100% Traceable to Calvey’s.


Achill Mountain Lamb
Naturally Reared
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