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When you buy a whole lamb online or from our shop, it is expertly crafted and butchered into its component parts, including joints, cuts and chops.  We place the lamb meat in freezer bags ready for your deep freeze and clearly labelled showing you what’s in each transparent bag.

When you order/buy an Achill Mountain LambTM carcass, Grainne will telephone you to discuss your individual requirements and preferences with you. She will explain every cut and joint and she will craft the lamb tailor made to your family requirements. You will receive your butchered and crafted Achill Mountain LambTM carcass in a specially selected insulated box to ensure freshness is not compromised on delivery. From our hill top to your table top, Achill Mountain LambTM carcass, Calvey’s gift of nature.

Question: When I order a whole Achill Mountain LambTM butchered carcass, what do I receive and how is it butchered?

Answer: You will receive a whole lamb with all its component parts/joints butchered to your requirements portion packed in freezer bags, each bag being clearly labelled, including liver and kidneys.

The following table sets out clearly what will be in your box when you receive it.You will be pleasantly surprised with the amount 11-12kg of lamb meat you receive for 109€ , it is genuinely excellent value for money because you are buying direct from Calvey’s Farm Abattoir and Butchers with no middle man.

We have available lambs with weights varying from over 12kg to 20kg , if you wish to order a larger lamb or if you find your query is unanswered here, please telephone Grainne 098-43158.

A whole Achill Mountain LambTM butchered carcass
Can be split/crafted into Cooking method
Hind Quarters 2 lean legs of lamb, with light covering of fat for flavour
Can be boned and rolled or cut into strips/lamb steaks
Stir fry
Loins 4 racks of 5/6 chops each (approximately) Roasting
Fore Quarters 2 Shoulders
Shoulder can be left whole or split into approx. 10 Gigot chops (2 bags of 5) or crafted into Cubes/pieces/ strips
Breast, neck, shanks Cubes, pieces, strips Stews
Fresh liver and kidneys Sliced or left whole Frying
We send our Special Recipe Booklet featuring easy to follow recipes from celebrity chefs using

Achill LambTM products to all our customers.

Optional Extras: Special Artisan brown paper wrapping and tying 5 Euro. Delivery can be arranged throughout the 32 counties, cost 15 Euro.
Lift the phone to us today (098) 43158, we are always delighted to answer any queries. Thank you!