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Good ewes make good lambs. We selectively breed our ewes, the lambs they produce live the best life there is. They’re slaughtered with the minimum amount of stress in our licensed EU standard abattoir. We know you can taste the difference in the meat.

Martin Calvey

Head of the family, Martin Calvey has over five decades of experience in producingand crafting  Achill Mountain Lamb butchered carcasses. He gave his lamb meat this name when he started selling the butchered carcasses of his mountain lambs from his farm shop back in 1962. He knew it was something special and in those fifty years, Achill Lamb products has become a premium product range with a pedigree.

Gráinne Calvey


Martin’s daughter, Gráinne is a female craft butcher who also takes care of sales phone Gráinne (098) 43158. She’s a busy woman with orders coming in from all over the country. She cuts every carcass to order. In her spare time, she loves to socialise and she’s one of Achill Islands finest singers. She also plays guitar.

Martina Calvey

Admin & Brand Development

Martina, another daughter central to the process. She heads up all of the admin and she works developing the business and its brand. You’ll see her doing presentations at events such as the Taste Council of Ireland.

Achill Mountain Lamb
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