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THANK YOU everyone for your valued custom through our website or in our new Farmstore. We have now launched our New Flavours of Achill Island Summer Hampers. You can order by clicking the green button above.


FLavours of Achill Hampers

Calveys Achill Lamb

Calveys Achill Lamb

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Flavours of Achill Island Hampers

THANK YOU everyone for your valued custom through our website or in our on-farm butcher shop. Over the next few months we will be busy with lambing on the farm, & renovating our shop and the Achill Lamb butchering area.
We will have the first new season 2021 lambs ready in July. You can pre-order in advance by clicking the green button above or call Grainne (098) 43158 to add your name to the list.
Achill Island Hampers are still available, to order click on green button.
When you are in Achill you will find us at Calvey’s, Achill Lamb HQ, in Keel. For outside hours, if you need anything, call us.
And like you, we are really looking forward to post Covid life & living.
Stay Safe & best wishes to everyone.
Welcome to our website! The right place to buy fresh ‘oh so pure’ ‘bursting with flavour’ mountain meat that is ‘Heather Sweetened & Seaside Seasoned’.
We are Calvey’s, a family with our own abattoir and craft butchers on our farm on Achill Island. At Calvey’s we do it All!
All our products, Carcases, Sides and joints are *fully butchered * packed *labelled *ready for your deep freezer * to your door *in a box * products are NOT frozen.
Enjoy browsing our website visit our on-line shop to see our products with many options and be sure to buy! When there is good demand for what we offer, it means we can source produce from local farming families, for our range of products.
‘From our hill top to your table top & From our family to yours, the very very best’.

Calvey’s, A Landmark, for The True Taste of Achill.


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