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Pristine Place - Calvey's Achill Mountain Lamb

Pristine Place

Achill Island is one of those places you could truly describe as pristine. Situated off the west coast of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. It has a small population of fewer than 3000 people. There are truly, many more sheep than people. Those sheep are free to roam all around the island throughout the Commonage which has no fences.
It is known for its tall sea cliffs and clean Blue Flag beaches including the stunning Keem Bay and Keel Beach. Keem Bay is a small cove surrounded by lush mountains and of course, lots of sheep. Expansive areas of the island is peat bog and there are very few native trees.

The landscape can seem sparse, but it is full of life. One of the most westerly islands in Europe, the climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream, which means the terrain is rich in flora and fauna. Birds such as the chough, golden plover and peregrine falcon are found here. Keel Lake is often used as a resting place for barnacle geese during migration. Rare Arctic Juniper grows on the island’s highest mountains.

Rich Landscape

The mountain sheep feed on grasses, heathers and seaweed but also on a type of plain called Machair. It means “fertile plain” in Irish. These flat, extensive areas of wind-blown-sand develop behind sandy beaches. These plains are unique to the north-west coast of Ireland and parts of Scotland. There are three areas of machair on Achill; at Dugort, Valley and Keel. These areas are of special scientific interest and are protected by EU directives.

Best Irish Lamb, Hogget and Mutton

The purity of the landscape is clear, but so too is the water they drink. The water on the mountains often rises through natural springs ready-filtered through the underlying rock, The very air they breathe is some of the purest on the planet. Achill Mountain Meat products capture all of that purity in their exquisite taste.