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Cuts of Lamb Diagram

Lamb Cuts


Everyone knows this cut. It can be roasted fast and pink or slow-cooked. It can also be boned out and butterflied. This can be cooked whole or cut into lamb leg steaks.


This is one of those “forgotten” cuts that you don’t often find outside of a craft butchers. It’s always rolled up and suits being stuffed and roasted or pot roasted. You will need to skim off the fat, but it’s worth it for the flavour.


This is essentially the ankle of the lamb. It’s best slow-cooked in a stew or roasted. Some people make broth with it. It’s a very economical cut. The Calveys send theirs out wrapped in bacon with a sprig of rosemary.


This is a chop cut from the leg. The small centre bone adds to the flavour when cooking. These are classically used in hotpot dishes.

Centre Loin

This is the “sheepy” equivalent of beef sirloin. It’s a prime cut. You can roast it whole or cut it into chops which tend to look like little lamb lollipops.


When a few loin chops are kept together, this is called a rack. The bones are French trimmed so there is no meat or fat on them. You can roast them and then cut them into individual chops. This cut also responds well to grilling or barbecuing.