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The Calvey Family

Calvey’s tradition is generations of the same family working side by side. Our family has reared flocks of mountain sheep on Achill Island for more than 150 years. Today, three generations are working together with the same passion and commitment to Achill Mountain Meat products as the Calveys have always had. It is in our blood, pure and simple. We are a rarity in the meat market; one family having full control over the quality and process but that is how we can guarantee exquisite products and a sustainable, socially-aware business.

Those three generations include Dad Martin and Mum Angela, who are almost octogenarians. Next are sisters Martina, Grainne and Helen and the two brothers Edward and Martin who take care of the farming, the butchery, the sales, the administration and the marketing. The third generation is college-goer Peter, 20, son of Grainne, who will have a key role in the future of the business and its progressive role within the community.

Calvey’s is a story of deep commitment and passion because we care so  much about our products, our abattoir, our community and the current and future roles these play in ensuring the future sustainability of Achill Island. We know no different, it is it seems, what we have been doing forever.

We are the last remaining abattoir of 24 former slaughterhouses on Achill Island. We see that maintaining and preserving our abattoir is vital to ensuring the integrity of our products is protected and to maximising the benefits to local farming families. For almost 50 years we owned and ran a very busy restaurant. Together with the butchers, farm and stables Calvey’s have created jobs for many local Achill people down through the years. Today we continue to promote and support local, including farming families, businesses, tradesmen, motor fuel,  garage and agri- contractors.

We also contribute significantly to the promotion of Achill Island, Mayo and Ireland through press, TV, radio, online and live events.