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Achill Mountain Lamb 7kg SIDE Christmas Hamper

To help you celebrate Christmas with panache we offer Achill Mountain Lamb 7KGS SIDE of Lamb Christmas Hamper to order for yourself or for your special person or people. Our most recent accolade, a prestigious Irish Food Writer’s Guild Food Award, confirms the special status of  Calvey’s  Achill Mountain Lamb and speaks clearly to the discerning customer. We have on offer in the lead up to Christmas this Special Offer for a Side of Lamb Christmas Hamper which we can send as a gift  to your special person of choice with Christmas touches and if requested your own personal message or you can buy for yourself for your own freezer and family.  You can buy a 7KGS Side of this special Lamb in a Christmas Hamper for €95 plus €20 All-Ireland delivery and treat the people you love to the lamb with the WOW!

Born in late Spring to early-Summer these  lambs graze on multi-species wild heathers  and plants in abundance, herbs, coastal grasses and seaweeds- creating what the Calveys evocatively describe as its “heather-sweetened, seaside-seasoned taste”. But, while crucial, it is not just the habitat that makes this product special. The Calveys’ way of doing things is the complete opposite of most mainstream farming operations, particularly meat producers. The difference is that they have control of every stage of the production process. Critically, they have an on-site abattoir so – unlike most animals – these lambs do not have the stress of travelling to a slaughterhouse but remain on their own territory and in the care of familiar people. The same hands-on care applies to the butchery at Calvey’s On-Farm Abattoir Butchers, and the wonderful meats they sell. This Special Offer includes a Full Leg (can be split in two), Full Shoulder (can be another roast or cut into chops) please specify when giving details at checkout, the Rack of lamb, add all the Centre Loin Cutlets and offal is optional. The offer is available to your door across the island of Ireland add €20.

All products are fresh meat and are delivered in biodegradable boxes butchered, bagged and labelled ready for you to stock in your freezer if yo wish.



Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb: Irish Food Writer’s Guild

The same hands-on care applies to the butchery at Calvey’s On-Farm Abattoir Butchers, and the wonderful meats sold at their recently upgraded and relaunched farm shop at Keel. This shop also sells other Irish artisan products, as well as their own meats and hampers, along with offering an excellent online service, with everything from sausages and burgers to butchered whole carcasses and sides of their special lamb for nationwide delivery. Unusually, they also sell hogget (lamb over one year old) and mutton (over two years), both of which are excellent products that are not widely available. Many Calvey family members are currently involved with this ethically operated and admirably sustainable business and the next generation will soon be represented by butcher Grainne’s son Peter, who is at college and looking forward to taking a part in the business. At a time of such rapid change in the world, in agriculture and towards responsible “less but better” shopping habits, products like Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb are not only exceptionally delicious and healthy, but also provide a role model for others – and assure a sustainable future for farming on Achill Island.