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Achill Lamb™ seasonal products which are available in July when mountain lambs are 12-14 weeks old and are available up until 9 or 10 months old. We provide Trade/Catering size carcasses and joints and boxed side and whole carcasses for domestic customers/families throughout Ireland and UK. We have our own on-farm abattoir butchery and butchers shop in Keel, on Achill Island. We can also arrange delivery throughout Ireland and UK. In Dublin look out for our products in selected stores of Avoca Ireland and Donnybrook Fair when stocked. We distribute to catering trade in Dublin through Pat McLaughlin Butcher. For all other catering deliveries have our own delivery van.

Buying a Side or Whole Achill Mountain LambTM On-line

At Calvey’s we carefully take you through what buying a whole lamb on-line means in terms of real savings and great value for money. Call us and we will chat with you explaining how we can portion your lamb according to the needs of your family. We craft it bearing in mind your family size & Calvey’s portion pack accordingly. Your preferences we carefully note and explain each cut/joint and what it’s used for and how to get the most from your Achill Lamb™ carcase.

We have compiled a very lovely and useful illustrated Achill Mountain Lamb™ Booklet with user friendly recipes and a rich variety of information about Achill Island: our people our place our product. This gift to you helps ensure your family enjoys a Genuine Achill Experience when you buy Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb™. Why we do it this way, is moulded and shaped by our pursuit of being the best Lamb meat suppliers in Ireland and the Calvey family’s core values, our four cornerstones :

Calvey’s, Genuine, Artisan & Tradition.

In this way we wrap your Achill Lamb™ butchered carcass with Achill-ness the unique guarantee of 100% Calvey’s of Achill Traceability from the cliff tops to our on-farm abattoir butchery, exclusive from Calvey’s. This gives our lamb it’s Gold Halo. It is Genuinely everything Achill wrapped up in a box.

‘Achill Mountain LambTM The Gold Halo Lamb’

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