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Calvey’s Certified Organic Achill Island Lamb

Calvey’s Certified Organic Achill Island Lamb

Organic Achill Island Lamb is ideal as lamb for freezer and in particular if you wish to buy lamb online from July until Christmastime. It keeps in your freezer for up to one year. This is Organic lamb at its very best. Delivery can be arranged throughout 26 counties Ireland and UK. From our own farm and on-farm abattoir butchery we send direct to you pure and fresh, butchered, packed, freezer ready organic lamb for your freezer. If you appreciate healthy living and are interested in organic meat & organic products including organic lamb allow us to assist you and help you make sound organic lifestyle choices for healthy living pure simple.

Prices start at 175.00 for 15kg Carcass

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If placing your order by phone please be very clear to specify Organic Achill Island Lamb. Thank you. Please be patient add your name to the list. For Organic Achill Island Lamb it may take weeks or more to get it to you. So order in plenty time! Thanks again.

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Product Description

From our family farm in Kildamhnait a flock living in the wilds of nature pure and simple. Undisturbed as nature intended with only chirping birds the cries of seagulls and the humming bees for company. Idling the days munching as they go on the native plants and wild flowers which now over grow acre upon acre of former potato drills and vegetable ridges, drinking from natural streams and breathing the pure air coming off the coastline of Achill Island.

Following in the footsteps of Grainne Uaile these courageous hardy sheep stand sentinel and keep a watch over the scenic bay as they have done for generations watching man & woman come and go. The animals enjoy a good life here and have extensive ground to cover to their heart’s content.