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Calvey’s – Celebrating 50 Years of Achill Mountain Lamb products

For over 50 years, the Calvey family on Achill Island have been producing and crafting the most exquisitely tasting lamb meat from their extensive farm on Achill Island, creating unique, handcrafted, genuine  Achill Mountain Lamb products. A rare quality in the meat market today, all Achill Mountain Lamb meat is sourced from Mayo Blackfaced Mountain lambs who are bred and raised on Achill Island and  butchered in Calvey’s on-farm  abattoir and butchery. Calvey’s flock of sheep and rams are 100% genuine pure-bred Mayo Blackface Mountain breed. Their flock of sheep have evolved on Achill Island down through generations of the Calvey family since 1866. Martin Calvey started Calvey’s business in […]

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