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Slow Cooked Shank

Slow Cooked Shank

5 of 5 300 Minutes

This recipe is traditionally made with Veal and labeled ‘Osso Bucco’ in Italy, where it originates. As Veal is not something you find easily at the butchers, we have grown...

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Calveys Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

5 of 5 45 Minutes

Another favourite, and very popular cut of meat, the rack of Lamb never fails to impress. We are happy to leave the rack whole, or cut it into chops for...

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Poeterhouse Lamb Chop

Porterhouse Lamb Chops

5 of 5 30 Minutes

Porterhouse Chops are the cut of meat that contains the tenderloin filet of the Lamb. We call it the Cadillac of Lamb Chops as it is lean, tender, full of...

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Calveys Achill Mountain Lamb Irish Stew

Irish stew

5 of 5 150 Minutes

The essence of Irish stew is to use readily available seasonal ingredients. Traditionally it was a stew of lamb, potatoes and very little else. This is our take on it....

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Mairead McGuinness, A Big Fan of Achill Mountain Lamb™

Mairead McGuinness, A Big Fan of Achill Mountain Lamb™

The enormous efforts made by the Calvey family and the many farmers on Achill who produce mountain lamb with its unique taste, quality and production system are hugely impressive, Mairead McGuinness, MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament said as she launched the new season Achill lamb on Saturday, July 4th. The MEP visited the island and toured the family slaughtering plant and butcher shop where every week lambs from their own and other farms on the island are prepared for the marketplace. “A huge effort has been made to highlight the unique product which is Achill Mountain Lamb and to get the message to the consumer about its unique […]

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ACHILL MOUNTAIN LAMB meat - The Gold Halo Lamb Meat

ACHILL MOUNTAIN LAMB meat – The Gold Halo Lamb Meat

Gifted By Nature        Flavoured By Achill Island       Crafted By Calvey’s So many people ask Where is Achill Island?  and What’s different about it? Achill Island  is the largest island off the coast of Ireland, and is situated off its west coast. Attached to the mainland by bridge, visitor are struck by its breathtaking views, beautiful clean beaches and majestic mountains. What is different about it is that, as Achill Island people we have so many stories to tell. That every family has contributed in their own tin pot way to the story of Achill Island and the story of how so many people contributed is what makes us different. […]

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calveys achill mountain lamb blackface sheep-03

Calvey’s – Celebrating 50 Years of Achill Mountain Lamb products

For over 50 years, the Calvey family on Achill Island have been producing and crafting the most exquisitely tasting lamb meat from their extensive farm on Achill Island, creating unique, handcrafted, genuine  Achill Mountain Lamb products. A rare quality in the meat market today, all Achill Mountain Lamb meat is sourced from Mayo Blackfaced Mountain lambs who are bred and raised on Achill Island and  butchered in Calvey’s on-farm  abattoir and butchery. Calvey’s flock of sheep and rams are 100% genuine pure-bred Mayo Blackface Mountain breed. Their flock of sheep have evolved on Achill Island down through generations of the Calvey family since 1866. Martin Calvey started Calvey’s business in […]

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